Dr. Nané Cheung
Divine Energy Transformer

Nané is a highly respected integrative doctor with over 38 years of experience in functional and lifestyle medicine. As a thought leader, influencer, speaker, and author, she firmly believes that regardless of your age, it’s never too late to transform your health from the inside out. Her philosophy revolves around the concept of “make your body a better place to live,” emphasizing the importance of lifestyle modifications and natural therapies to achieve optimal health. As a mother, friend, and doctor, her signature identity is the power of laughter. She knows that laughter is a powerful tool that can enhance one’s physical, mental, and emotional health. Besides her professional achievements, Nané has been blessed with twins who fill her with daily gratitude.

Carol Iacobucci
Spiritual Wisdom Seeker

Carol is a Life Mastery Consultant, certified by the Brave Thinking Institute. Her life has undergone many transformations, including transitioning from the corporate world as an IT Manager and Quality Manager to Consulting, where she shares the transformational principles she has studied for years. Carol has also transitioned from being a widow to finding love again. She firmly believes in the importance of continuing education as evidenced by her MBA, many IT and Quality Certifications, and Coaching Certifications. She also enjoys travel and fun. As a speaker, teacher, and writer, Carol’s passion is sharing her knowledge and experiences with others.

Marie LoPresti Morin
Empathetic Wise Healer

Marie is a licensed therapist and wellness coach. She educates viewers on her YouTube Channel, Morin Holistic Therapy, on how to move forward and better navigate the complex and widespread condition of estrangement and family rifts. Marie has an eBook, Feeling Heartbroken and Alone How to Pick Up the Pieces When You Are Estranged, writes a weekly blog on, and hosts workshops. She is passionate about family connection, making memories, having fun, and hugging her eight kids, sons and daughters in love, grandkids, and husband.

Rosemarie Allen
Compassionate Visionary Healer

Rosemarie is an Acupuncture Physician, Physical Therapist Assistant, Massage Therapist, and Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach. As the owner of A Balanced You Acupuncture & Wellness Center located in Jacksonville, Florida, she considers her life a gift of light to the world, which shines through in every interaction. With a life’s purpose of healing with compassion, she leaves an indelible imprint of love on the hearts of all those she encounters. Despite past abandonment, she inspires others with her strength and resilience in finding communities to belong.

With five children and nine grandchildren, she is dedicated to family and community. Rosemarie founded the Brian Allen Youth Leadership Organization (BAYLO), a nonprofit organization in Jacksonville, Florida, which provides vocational skills training to underserved youths in memory of her deceased son, Brian Allen.

Caroline Connolly
Witty Powerful Mystic

Caroline is a reference point in the Alpine Valley where she lives, for personalized individual and group English language coaching and courses. She helps professionals and companies overcome personal blocks in English communication. Presently, she is working with several schools preparing kids for the Trinity college oral English exams. She finds great joy in spending time with her two precious girls and if she can combine that with traveling or hiking, she is in heaven.

Taz Chaudry
Curious Insightful Creative

Taz is a writer, artist, and clarity coach whose focus is helping individuals gain clarity and insight, ending the cycle of procrastination, overwhelm, and frustration. She empowers people to embrace their authentic selves and discover their unique inner wisdom. When she’s not traveling, Taz lives and plays in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Eve Evangelista
Graceful Gifted Intuitive

Eve is the author of Create and Move Forward in Life and a Personal Development Consultant. By guiding her clients from overwhelming thoughts and frustration to a place of hope and belief in the beauty of their dreams, this gifted intuitive follows the flow of life to teach them how to achieve their highest potential with ease and grace. She understands that when individuals connect to the goodness and greatness within themselves, life takes on a whole new meaning. With two beautiful children as her inspiration, she creates heartfelt products and lives life to the fullest.

Bobbie Malatesta
Playful Spirited Adventurer

Bobbie is a Podcaster, Speaker, Author, and Addiction Advocate. She is the founder of Recovery Playgrounds, a concept that teaches adults to play again. She believes that there is no one way to recover and that her mission on the planet is to help millions of people impacted by addiction. She has her BA in Business & Technology from SUNY Cobleskill, in addition to a smorgasbord of certifications on various aspects of personal development and wellness.

Therese Lafleche
Joyful Optimistic Traveler

Therese was born in Canada with a strong sense of wanderlust. At the age of seventeen, she made her first move on her own and continued moving in every phase of her life, thriving on the challenge of not only discovering a new area but fully integrating into it. This led her to believe that many prejudices can be eradicated through the understanding that comes from travel and living with other cultures. She now shares everything that she learned over the past thirty years to help others travel and thrive in the location of their dreams.